The “Quiet Quitting” Phenomenon and Small Business Survival

There has been a lot of noise about “Quiet Quitting”. The day-to-day process of appearing at the job and sitting all day without actual productive activity. “Quiet Firing” has also been added as Management comes under scrutiny for non-involvement with employees unwanted in their Departments. I have had to ask, as the CEO of a very small LLC, TPGR Solutions, what happens when a small business owner gives up? Tied into a corner with no contracts or active business, funds for company growth depleted, and other resource depreciation creating a gap in services capabilities small business owners have every reason to quit. A “Quiet Quitting” is very much just another small business attempt erased and forgotten immediately in the realm of evolving businesses and start-up ventures. 

Unlike an individual “Quiet Quitting” an entire small business can “Quiet Quit” without so much as a blink by most of the business world participants. The efforts to find cheap or free marketing outlets, the payments of current business expenses still existing, the interviews and online interactions to bring people with potential connections for networking success, and the skills renewals and decisions on company direction for employment can all be victims of small business CEO “Quiet Quitting” when times are tough and no work has made itself available. This is devastating to the entire small business enterprise. If employees are scarce, this type of “Quiet Quitting” makes sure they will not be recovered. Motivation is tough to maintain during “dry spells” and cornered business prospects. On the other hand, it is clear the small business world gives a price, and at times that price is wisdom.

The phenomenon of small business “Quiet Quitting” is rampant in our culture these days. Almost fifty (50) percent of small businesses in the United States of America fail within the first five years. While the business world is worried about a similar statistic, (“half” of employees relieved of their jobs have been active “Quiet Quitters”), in the small business realm the “Quiet Quitting” is creating a plateau of business growth and a stagnation of enterprise. Small business CEOs and owners cannot be expected to maintain a firm grasp of the business world without support or completely successful business decisions. When a small business reaches a dip in employment and funding, many of them fold, and their principal employees and owners re-enter establish business channels. Small business “Quiet Quitting” is not a nice subject, but options such as maintaining a minimum business framework while employing elsewise are tempting maneuvers, (while not guarantees of success). So let us mourn our colleagues and entrepreneurs fallen by the way and pray for our own decisions to give a return, blessing our work. “Quiet Quitting” is, at times, not so much a matter of choice as a choice of needs.  

When a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is ready to become incorporated (inc.)

To begin a Limited Liability Company (LLC) some basic steps are required. First, check to make sure the company name is not already registered with someone else. Next, choose a basic registration form and payment to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN serves as the LLC’s tax identification. It is also the license required to hire employees or to be hired by other companies. After obtaining an EIN, search for internet domain availabilities to give the LLC legal internet operation. Once these three steps are completed, an LLC is ready to conduct business. State-by-state individual laws regarding LLCs may demand further steps for licensing and operation. Do check with the State Labor Bureau of primary LLC function. LLCs can hold office space in-home or in commercial offices. For in-home LLC residence, legal permission might be needed. If an LLC is operated from a domestic space, the LLC must (at minimum) have a dedicated office for business use only. 

If an LLC succeeds as a business endeavor, consideration might be given to creating an incorporation (inc.) entity. The legal angles for generating investment shares and the legal standing of the company as a separate full entity of its own are two of the larger adjustments an LLC owner faces for changing a company from an LLC into a designated incorporated entity. LLC (Chief Executive Officer) CEOs can decide on mergers with other LLCs or incorporated businesses to achieve inc. status. Paperwork for business incorporation moves is filed at the State level. Start a business incorporation request by talking to the office of the Secretary of State. 

Reasons to move LLC status to an incorporated (inc.) designated company include: 

  • Changing assets, finances, and profits into commodities fully owned by the business and not the CEO business member.
  • Growth of the number of employees and customer base.
  • Relocation of an LLC from a home-dedicated office to a commercially rented property.
  • Investment requirements for further company success.

Current Economy Inflation Innovation

The U.S. economy is a regular cycle of inflation and recession. Understanding inflation takes the first steps to economic survival during sharp economy inflation upturns.  

Inflation is a spiraling upward trend in product and service costs due to the proliferation of funding without a supporting currency base. In plain terms, money is worth less than purchasable merchandise and salaries available. Wages rise or cost-of-living expenses are not met. A recession is defined as a period of at least several months where the Gross Domestic Product (GDP- a measure of manufacturing resources, exports, and native product supply and demand ) deflates for an extended period of time and is usually an economic downturn occurring after a period of inflation. Inflation causes economic explosions: jobs proliferate but only pay minimum or next day’s wages, spending patterns increase while asset holds fall beneath an investment worth, and social programs become overburdened with the need to provide further-reaching measures to keep poverty levels at bay. 

Business opportunities exist within an economy experiencing high inflation. A margin of operations where a business sustains low overhead and continued business functions can be the difference between losing a business and persevering into the next economy fluctuation. Small businesses can pull hard on eliminating expense factors by:

  • Employing remotely or with less travel, 
  • Setting fixed prices to maintain lower profitability without discouraging customers, 
  • Extending investments from earnings returned to the business, 
  • Maintaining up-to-date skills and training as part of paid time for employees without adding extra pay hours, and
  • Asking employees to be self-reliant for part of the business expenses such as gas mileage, office supplies, and updates to computer programs non-essential to job functions.

“Stagflation” has been coined as recent terminology for the current inflation economy. For all intents and purposes, this term simply refers to an economy stuck in permanent inflation without any returns to a recession period. Measures of business responses to stagflation show how progressive, overreaching reactions err without implementing protective policies. Re-start costs for businesses closed from an inability to carry staffing and to find steady suppliers during economic inflation are almost as excruciating as the costs to remain open were in the first place. On the other hand, business leaders and owners have used the hiatus opportunities to stock up on collateral, re-examine the customer base, and approach regaining business operations through offering new products and services or redesigning marketing decisions. The die-hards will persevere and can be expected to rise up winners in the next economy downturn or leveling sets. 

Covid 19 and Businesses Recovering

In South Carolina, USA (my neck of the woods at this point in time) 1.46 million cases of Covid 19 have been documented across the entire time of the pandemic outbreak. The deaths reported under Covid 19 related fatalities equal 16,643- just here in the state of South Carolina. (The State; “Coronavirus Disease”; February 23, 2022.) These statistics do not include estimates of unreported or non-tested case outbreaks. Our world has changed. 

Most people I have personally met have undergone, at the very least, contact with someone tested positive for Covid or a Covid variant. Quarantines spread like wildfire at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak and continued as severe contagion was contained. Under rapidly developed vaccines a normal practice of home quarantines started in order not to overburden hospital facilities. I remember how it took more than a year to alert the general public as to what Covid 19 symptoms were recognizable without testing. Public fear and phobias became prevalent because of the scarcity of actual information. Businesses shuttered their doors and windows in the quietest effect of Covid 19. 

Some of us are determined to recover our business health as well as our personal health. Most small businesses surveyed explained their overall difficulties during the pandemic height were not related to closing, operational profit and funding stability, or new regulations. Surprisingly enough, small business owners rounded on inflation and quality of labor as the top two problems for consistent service and continued staffing employment. (“Statista”, 2022.) Looking around my neighborhood, almost every type of business (retail, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) has hung out a “Hiring Now” sign. Many of these places were not open regularly scheduled hours for customers a year ago and have only recently restored full shifts. Pay rates offered are lower than before the pandemic and former employees are finding it difficult to return at current employment offered wages. 

As a small LLC CEO with specializations in Technical Writing/Editing/Business Process Analysis, I have found remote contracts to be more promising than on-site listed opportunities in the wake of limited opportunities under the pandemic hiatus of decisions for contract employees. In order to recover business flow for TPGR Solutions, LLC, I have turned to creative initiatives to move forward in a few non-traditional manners. For those small business owners suffering to sustain employment in the wake of the highest Covid pandemic damages these are some ideas for continuing to produce income generating activities:

  1. Become an internet presence and find a product to sell online
  2. Update your credentials and produce original work from your own expertise to showcase
  3. Network job boards and prepare templates carrying your company branding ideas for submissions to potential customers
  4. Be willing to grow and stretch your skill sets and think outside the box when evaluating contract or job “fits”

When all is said and done I believe the keys to success, even in this time of uncertainty and Covid challenges, are to never give up and to find steps forward by refusing negative outcomes as final decisions while using constructive criticisms to achieve better circumstances.

Dreams That Make Us Strong

At TPGR Solutions, LLC we specialize in “Building A Better Business One Step At A Time”. Dreams of prosperity, success, and steadfast reputations are the dreams TPGR Solutions helps customers and clients to obtain. Our dreams make us strong when we attempt to rise above the norm and create reality where there was only hope and vague desires. If we can define our purpose, we can set goals. If we can set goals we can plan benchmark results to show progress toward those goals. Dreams are “one day we will…” statements. Pursuing dreams and watching them come into fruition are “some day we will…” statements. The first type of statement (One Day) turns into a measurable progress toward the second type of statement (Some Day). TPGR Solutions, LLC sets our business decisions around our own dream, to some day achieve a known small company name status and continue (in the present and future) to bring customer satisfaction with our business efforts. Realizing a dream as a concrete reality stems from work, dedication, and a positive mindset over setbacks. If our dreams are strong desires every benchmark completion will be celebratory, every goal realization will be motivation encouragement, and every purpose will continue.  Dreams make us strong. Without them, we swim in the sea of vast opportunity floundering for direction and we are only capable of returning to the beach we left behind. Sometimes reaching for our dreams requires change and this can be unsettling unless we understand how the change forwards our intentions. There are three types of approaches to the new territory of dreaming realized in actuality: bold and brash, steady and sure, and shy and timid. Each type of reaction toward facing and embracing the “some day” steps as they become “today now” steps has a validity in the dreamer’s personality. It may seem like only one type of reaction to change and achievement would mark success, but that is not the case. Do not sell short the strength of desire in a dream simply because humankind varies with diversification. When the dreamer is weak or headstrong the dream itself may compensate, adapting a style from personal characteristics. We choose (at TPGR Solutions, LLC) to work in business for other businesses to partner dreams and reach for those “some day” desires. Dream the strongest dreams and bring “One Day” to “Some Day’” to find the “Today Nows”.  

What is your favorite photo you have ever taken?

My favorite photo taken from my own camera (personally by moi) is the cover of my book “TEAMWORK (Together Everyone Achieves More)”. Follow the link above to view the cover art. Cut and paste it into the browser bar if the link will not connect.

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My favorite motivational quote…

My favorite quote is “Carpe diem” or “Seize the day”. This phrase is attributed in its first original appearance to the Roman poet Horace whom some claim never existed. “Carpe diem” was also not a stand alone quote; it appeared at the beginning of a Latin sentence: “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.” Horace was an alleged contemporary of Ovid and was a poet for the people as opposed to a popular political figure for the Roman Empire.

“Carpe diem” is celebratory when a goal is achieved and also a reminder to not let days go by without a purpose or work. As a writer and editor and a business woman CEO of my own LLC, TPGR Solutions, prioritizing projects is a self regulating effort. I find some days stretch hours and seem to hold time back when I do not have any particular plans in mind. If I seize the day and I grasp the minutes, I can savor the relaxation as well as filling my day with busy schedules. “Carpe diem” can also be used as encouragement to motivate the very beginning of my day. Get up; Wake up; Get started; “Carpe diem”.

When facing an enemy in battle, “Carpe diem” has been known to be used as a battle cry. The rally of courage and the surge of power ring from the warriors clashing on the fields. “Carpe diem” (Seize the day)- the day is ours!” Whatever struggles pull on my initiatives, however many times I find myself wanting to quit, whenever I feel like running from a challenge, “Carpe diem” and I rise up. Win or lose, I rise up.

Business Consultants Economy Value

In our economy aftermath of Corona Quarantines, businesses that closed are hurting hard for re-hires now the quarantines are over. The basic employment category of “Business Consultants” has become a choice occupation decision blanketing small or independent Contracting Businesses. One size fits all is a misnomer and research should be conducted to obtain a detailed description of Business to Business startups as opposed to Product to Customer Business Marketing professionals. Some Consultant work is only internally Company focused profferings. With more than enough Business Consultant Companies offering lists of Products and Services, Business Consultant Contractors are as diverse as the Business Market allows. The gains and profits from utilizing Business Consultants are positioned to benefit the Customer as never before due to an overburdened Business Consultant job market. The struggles of the Business Communities to re-establish regular Business Practices creates variations of Customer preferences when hiring Business Consultants and suggests an uneven employment consequence will continue until the economy grows into steady Markets again. Keeping in mind the contributions of Business Consultants are highly subject to results based evaluations, questions of customers pre-contract acceptance are crucial to understanding expectations in the Business Consultant job roles. Tips for finding a “best fit” employment situation include: be honest, be willing to stretch your skill sets, and do not make promises about deliverables that you cannot meet.

Small LLC Income and Business Profits

Reporting business taxes every business quarter can focus the returns of doing business on both the income and overhead investments. This option for taxes gives a “picture window” of the business health and can help the CEO to make adjustments to the ROI for the business such as searching for more effective marketing or reaching for a new target population.

As the CEO of TPGR Solutions, LLC, I have given some thought to my strategy for managing company funds and employee income needs. Instead of a fixed amount by paycheck, I pay myself a percentage of profits by client. This percentage is a direct response to the size of the customer project and time expected for project completion. Within the scope of employing colleagues to assist on any given hire contract, I set a fixed dollar amount per client payment installment instead of fixing employee payment by percentages. These payment terms (both the CEO percentage and any employee payments) are set at the beginning of each business project contract against the total client account payments to TPGR Solutions, LLC. To support business growth and the LLC profit base, the CEO percentage is applied against the business contract income after the fixed employee payments are rendered. TPGR Solutions is rendered no less than 20% of the dollar amounts separate to provide LLC profitability instead of only procuring distributed “funds for work” payments to both the CEO and other contract employees.

A very basic business rule is to always include the business company entity pay rolled back into the business as required third party payee. Part of managing and measuring business success is resisting the urge of cutting down salary take or decreasing fair employee wages to increase the LLC profit percentage load given by false reflections of fund application. Business financial accounts held non-integrated from personal assets and funds create opportunities for business deliverables and decisions as stand-alone achievements and better supports for actual business wealth.

As I have started the walk for TPGR Solutions, LLC I find myself eager and dedicated to arranging business affairs for the success of my business, notwithstanding maintaining a cash flow large enough to support myself and my employees. Moving forward in the “B to B” working world with perseverance and dedication is a challenge I would offer to other small business owners as proprietors and professionals in the present questionable business economies. Believe in yourself. Believe in your Business. Believe in your Dreams.

-Dr. Kimberly A. McKenzie-Klemm

Working Economy Decisions

In our economy aftermath of Corona quarantines, businesses are hurting hard for re-hires to open service again now the quarantines are over. The basic employment category of “Business Consultants” has become a choice occupation decision blanketing small or independent Contracting Businesses. “One size fits all” is a misnomer and research should be conducted by potential Customers to obtain a detailed description of Business to Business startups where work is internally Company focused as opposed to Product to Customer Business Consultants thriving on Market proferrings and industry Customer base reach value. Business Consultants are sitting in an overburdened job availability Business sector and list Products and Services as diverse as industry Markets allow. Business Consultant variations do not find “good fits” for all Customer preferences. On the other hand, a Consumer Customer venue for Business Consultants has evolved with higher value to the Business Customer investments as current Businesses’ needs are focused on restoration of steady Business Markets. At TPGR Solutions, LLC we strive for good Business to Business relations and realistic, decisive Customer satisfaction. As you search for the next goals and value for your own Businesses, use criteria based on your development need and remember to inquire into the Business Consultants’ arena to obtain well-matched Contractors for assistance “Building Better Businesses One Step At A Time”.

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